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Here’s why having a realtor

saves you time and money!


There’s no doubt that selling a home can be the biggest single financial decision of your lifetime.

It also can be very stressful and extremely complicated.

I fully understand why someone may be tempted to try to the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) approach. But it can like walking through a mine field with a blindfold on during a thunderstorm at night with no flash light and … well, you get the idea.

The whole thing can blow up!

I also like to ask what happens when someone calls and would to see inside your home or condo? What happens when two or more people show up?

Outwardly friendly, smiling, lots of questions and perhaps even very complimentary of your place.

The best advice is to proceed very, very carefully!

Perhaps they are merely “tire kickers” and just curious about how the rooms are decorated and the furniture is arranged. Perhaps their real intent is to distract you — and steal something — or scout out the inside and return when it appears nobody is home.

Believe me, this happens all too often!

Here;s a question that must be asked: Are they even financially qualified to make the purchase?

With so much at stake, it’s never good for the response to be, “Well, uh, hmmm … I honestly do not know.”

Here are some statistics from the National Association of Realtors that might put your mind ease:

* In 2014, the typical FSBO home sold for $210,000 — compared to $249,000 for agent assisted homes, which also tend to close significantly faster. This alone is a very compelling reason to get a realtor a chance!

* In 2015, about 87% of buyers used a real estate agent. This percentage has increased steadily from 69% in 2001.

Here are the results of a survey of FSBO’s that asked for their single most difficult task …

* Selling in the planned time frame: 16 percent.

* Accessing the correct paperwork that is legally binding: 12 percent.

* Having time to devote to the process: Six percent.

* Getting the right price: Six percent.

* Making improvements or fixing up the home: Six percent.

For what it is worth, about 32% of home buyers are doing so for the first time. These folks definitely need representation! Approximately 90% needed financing. The typical home purchased was built in 1991 and had 1,900 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths.

Hope this information helps!

For more information, contact Realtor Chuck at 865-256-5998.

But, Chuck: My listing

with another agent expired!

(OK, let’s figure out why …)


There’s definitely one word that can make a listing agent cringe.

Expired. (It even makes my heart sink to type it!)

For whatever reason, the job simply did not get done. The house or condo or tract did not sell. Now, it’s back to square one.

Unfortunately, it happens … in part, because so much of this is about timing and finding a qualified buyer. Then you have to make it through the appraisal, inspections and title work. And the buyer must maintain employment and not make a major purchase that could derail the loan application and …

Hopefully, you get an idea of just how many hurdles are involved!

I really and truly believe there’s at least five main reasons why a listing expires, especially if there’s a reasonable time frame.

1.) Lack of motivation by the agent.

2.) Poor marketing.

3.) Bad photos.

4.) Lousy curb appeal.

5.) Price.

So, here are my promises to you … in writing.

1.) I will be extremely motivated. As someone that loves sports and has a competitive nature, my determination to succeed is off the charts! That’s also why my daily goal is to exceed expectations for each and every client. It starts and ends with communication and, get this, 88% of unhappy clients say poor communication was their No. 1 complaint. If someone will not take the time to return your call promptly (and not just reply with a text or email), how aggressive are they in trying to get your property SOLD?

2.) We will discuss and agree on a comprehensive marketing plan that has proven to be effective in achieving maximum exposure. It includes the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), Internet, e-mail blasts to potential buyers and other realtors, occasional print ads, old-fashioned flyers and post cards mailed to other households in that zip code. At least this is the first wave of action.

3.) Great photos. The goal is to have a least a dozen high resolution photos and sometimes at least 20 or more. I am a firm believer in every picture still tells a story. Doesn’t it? My broker also likes to be involved in this process, too. Two sets of keen eyes are always better than one!

4.) Like it or not, many potential buyers are looking for a reason to say no. It’s just another reason why curb appeal is so incredibly important. If you can’t get someone to take a look inside, how can you expect an offer? Answer: You can’t. The same can be said for having everything neat and tidy and free of clutter inside. We’re in this together and it takes a lot of teamwork to get the job done! That’s just another reason why I love what I do.

5.) I’ve found the first 30 days of a listing are very telling and crucial to success. The market will talk to us! Either from few if any showings or feedback from the ones we have. If a seller can place sentimental attachment aside, price almost always comes down to square footage and recent nearby comparable sales. If financing is involved, the sales price must be least match an independent appraisal. The best way to start the process is to have a price based on competitive listings and potential adjustments.

Hope this information helps!

For more information, contact Realtor Chuck at 865-256-5998.