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“Oh, the joys of home ownership!”


If I ever heard my father say that once, I heard him say it 100 times …

“Oh, the joys of home ownership!”

I recall one time he was trying to fix a leak under the kitchen sink and water began spewing everywhere! Dad was halfway under the cabinet and started kicking his legs and even bumped his head. This scene would have been the $100,000 winner on “America’s Funniest Home Videos!”

Another time, mom wanted to paint the living room a brighter color. The word “paint” almost became a great big “pain.” My job was to tape newspapers along the baseboard so paint did not drip on there.

Once I became a teenager and needed a bigger allowance, my job was to clean the gutters and help mow the yard.

Now that was a great time to be a kid!

I also saw my parents reap the benefits of their hard work — and equity in their home ownership — when it was time to sell.

If I have learned anything as an adult — and licensed realtor in Tennessee — it’s this: Not everyone is nearly as “handy” as my dear ol’ dad and that includes me!

So, if you have some work that needs to be done around the house or condo, especially if you are considering listing the property, let me know!

I will suggest up to three people for you to contact and then actually prefer not to be involved … unless, of course, you want to list the property!

My Dad Charlie Cavalaris is full of fun.

My father, Charlie, loved to have fun at home!