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Some keywords to remember

Posted by awallace on May 12, 2016
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It has been said that “location, location, location” are the most important words in real estate … and that could be true.

chuck-cavalaris-knoxville-tn-real-eatate-agentsWe know getting pre-qualified for a home loan also ranks very high on the list of keywords to remember. So should a 15-year fixed loan.

Here’s a few more keywords to consider:

Duration: Most people tend to stay in a home or condo for about five to seven years. So this could bring a day care or elementary school into consideration.

Job: In this day and age, good health and a good job seem to go hand-in-hand. But you know what? That doesn’t necessarily equate to a great credit score. Please contact me for some excellent tips about how to establish credit and maintain an excellent credit score!

Down payment: This has become the biggest hurdle for many buyers. Do not feel like you have to save 20 percent down before buying a home! Quite the contrary, 10 percent is awesome and 5 percent is good — and there “Zero Down” programs available in some parts of East Tennessee.  Let me suggest how to find them.

Gift funds from a relative also can make a world of difference!

Contact me and let’s find your best options and move forward. If that’s a credit restoration program, so be it.

One thing’s for sure: The older I get, the faster I realize how quickly 12 months goes by. Your housing situation can be totally different by then!

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